3 jobs: Parent, PhD, Worker

I found myself in desperate need of like-minded company yesterday, someone doing the same thing as me in attempting to study, be a parent, work a bit, and figure out what my career should be. I genuinely did feel yesterday that by splitting my energies across three ‘jobs’ student, parent and worker, I might have taken on a bit too much.

It was just a very long day (up at 5.30, travelling for a workshop then back at 8), so I think I was just a bit knackered. On the train home I was googling “mother worker PhD student” in hope of finding encouragement and inspiration, and reassurance … I didn’t find much. It seems that it is quite an unusual life model. Hhhmm.

I did find a couple of Mumsnet threads, and Netmums, and an interesting blog by an academic about doctoral authorship and the different challenges for women. But on the whole, not a great deal out there. So I thought I might try and resurrect this blog, in attempt to share my experience and maybe even draw a few people in who are doing the same thing as me. You never know.

I do really need to write more and keep it up though. Tricky, with 3 jobs…


2 thoughts on “3 jobs: Parent, PhD, Worker

  1. Mollie says:

    Keep the blog up! I definitely can’t imagine what it would be like having kids and doing a PhD – I can barely handle the latter. It might not mean much from a stranger, but you are extremely admirable.

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